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What's The Franchise POD?

Ask This Important Question!

The majority of franchise companies are in large, competitive spaces.

From pizza, burgers, home services, non-medical senior care, to the fro yo (frozen yogurt) market.

How do you tell a good franchise from a great franchise?

One aspect to look at and ask about is the franchise’s POD.

A franchise’s ‘Point Of Difference’ refers to the factors of goods or services that establish differentiation in the competitive marketplace.

The best indicators to a franchise companies POD success would namely be in increased customer benefits and developing greater long-term brand loyalty.

Here is another frog cautionary note; an over-the-top, excessive degree of differentiation could also cause the goods or services to lose their standard or market position within a given industry, leading to a subsequent loss of consumers.

Therefore, striking a balance of differentiation and market association is required. That balance is considered a point-of-parity and has to be adopted in order to allow a franchise to further enhance its competitiveness.

By differentiating itself from its competitors, a franchise might have greater potential income. Having differentiated goods or services limits the choices of consumers, which drives them to purchase goods or services from a particular company.

In addition to that, the possible threats brought on by competitors would be lowered significantly. By adopting a differentiation strategy, that would allow franchisee’s to be more competitive and potentially be able to have a greater source of income.


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