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    Is Your Business The Next Subway Or McDonald's?

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    A Franchise Is A Unique Business.

    It's Like Having A Business Partner.

    Franchising is a business decision to expand. Its a business method to grow effectively and efficiently.


    Done right, it can be a very profitable business model - for both the franchisor and franchisee.


    FranFrog.com is a franchise consulting company offering services for small businesses and small business owners that want to convert their business into a franchise business model.


    - HOW -

    FranFrog.com will guide and assist you through

    a well-defined 9 Step Process:


    1. Evaluation

    2. Organization

    3. Formulation

    4. Documentation

    5. Registration

    6. Standardization

    7. Communication

    8. Validation

    9. Confirmation

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    - WHO -

    Perspective From All Sides Of Franchising

    Daniel R. Sladek, CFE/CFA, is the Founder and President of FranFrog.com.


    CFE - Certified Franchise Executive awarded from the International Franchise Association (IFA).

    CFA - Certified Franchise Advisor awarded from Veteran Franchise Centers (VFC).


    Dan brings 'to the table' experiences on all sides of the franchise industry:

    FRANCHISOR - Dan started his franchise career in his home-state of Minnesota working in a development position with the Play It Again Sports franchise company (Grow Biz then, now WinMark).

    FRANCHSEE - Dan was a franchise owner for a home improvement company with 8 employees and a 3,500 SF showroom/warehouse based in Orlando, Florida.

    SUPPLIER - Dan was a Vice President of a Regional Shopping Center developer based in Lakeland, FL that created a unique website and marketing program that matched franchise prospects with retail franchisor's.

    CONSULTANT - Dan was a franchise consultant and broker for one of the premier franchise consulting companies assisting franchise candidates through an investigation process.



    - Former Director of Franchising for an Urgent Care Company owned by Rick Scott, currently the Governor of Florida.

    - #1 developer in growing a retail technology start-up from 3 units to 230 units in 6 years.

    - Repositioned a stagnant home-service franchise resulting in sales tripling in less than 3 years.

    - Recreated the franchise recruitment program for a B2B catering company resulting in double-digit sales and nation-wide expansion.




    Some Say, The Greatest Business Model Ever Created!

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    SCALE . . .

    . . . Up.

    Franchising is one of the best ways to scale an existing business.

    The formula is simple; take your successful business and duplicate it with others that want to partner with you as franchise owners.

    Franchising enables you to share in their success while protecting and growing your brand.

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    REDUCED . . .

    . . . Risk.

    By utilizing OPM - other people's money. Franchising by nature reduces the risk for the franchisor.

    The franchisee has most of the responsibility for the investment in the franchise; including an initial franchise fee, training costs, equipment and technology purchases, hiring employees, and executing a lease (if a location/store is required).

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    CHANGE . . .

    . . . Hats.

    Let's say you own a successful hot dog business.

    The hat you wear says - "I am in the hot dog business."

    If you decide to offer your hot dog business as a franchise, you have to . . .


    Your hat now will say - "I am in the franchise business."

    You know the hot dog business, but what do you know about franchising it?

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