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Before You Leap - Make A List!

It's About YOU, In The Beginning.

The inventory of franchise companies to choose from is quite large, estimated to be more than 3,000 franchisors. That can be over-whelming at first glance. How do you get started?

Easy - do your own inventory!

Start by taking stock of your personal strengths and your best business attributes. What do you like to do? What are you good at? Managing things (think operations) or managing people? Selling; to businesses (think B2B) or to people in their homes (think B2C - business to consumers). What type of employees are you comfortable working with; more skilled and educated, or unskilled and lower waged?

I was talking with a franchise candidate last night, and he was looking at a business, but he felt the business was too repetitive. So, he needs to find a franchise that offers a variety of activities to keep him from getting bored.

Once you have created your list, then you can dive in and start to narrow your choices based on franchises that best fit your personal profile.

You have heard the saying - Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Same thing here - Unhappy Boss, Business Loss!


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